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The artist



The police chiefs are waiting for the list of the new recruits. Daxx and Bloobing, are in their conference room wondering who will be instated, and who has to go. Ugonadie6, head of the FBI, brings the list of people who want to join the force.

  1. TehCaek
  2. Lilmali97
  3. Sano
  4. Uchiha619
  5. Marccod
  6. Notywq
  7. Falloutboi
  8. Alago1Ruki
  9. P0pcorn
  10. Exie
  11. RobertGB
  12. Dudley80
  13. UricHunt2
  14. Mimz360
  15. Optic
  16. Dr0pK1ck

Yes to all, Daxx and Bloobing though, except for Dr0pK1ck. Big criminal life, can't be trusted anymore. "We will also instate TehCaek as our gunman. He'll provide us with the guns, since he still has guns from his old warehouse," Bloobing said. Thus, this was the new police force, and they were ready to protect and serve to the community!

Chapter 1

A meeting was called by Daxx to discuss the squad's responsibilities. They settled in one by one, and he started to speak.

"Alright guys. You are the newest squad, but you will be made the best squad. The squad's name is Special Alpha Team or S Alpha T. You will be performing special assignments as high-level cops, but you won't be alone. Bloobing and I will direct everything that happens, then Ugonadie6 will help you with physical and mental training, and TehCaek will help you with gun training. What I mean by Physical and Mental training is about how you can take evasive action and maneuver your way around hard to reach places, while mental training is the police training. Gun training will be about learning how to use certain guns, learn about certain guns, and improve your accuracy. This includes explosives."

"I hope for you to make us proud guys. This training will be hell if you don't try. Good luck with everything from us 2 police chiefs."

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